Laravel Pagination with VueJS (customizable)

vue-laravel-paginex will provide you the ability to easily create pagination from Laravel Pagination object.

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npm i vue-laravel-paginex


First import the Pagination component inside your Vue component.

import Pagination from 'vue-laravel-paginex'
Vue.component('Pagination', Pagination)


<Pagination :changePage="getData" :data="data"/>
methods: {
get(page) {
this.$http.get('getDataEndpoint?page=' + page).then(response => { =
current_page: 1
data: [{id: 25600, brand_id: 14, number: "47609-253286", name: "Mall of Africa", type: "Licensed",…},…]
first_page_url: ""
from: 1
last_page: 10
last_page_url: ""
next_page_url: ""
path: ""
per_page: 20
prev_page_url: null
to: 20
total: 200


You can customize your pagination styles by overwriting default values. Available props for the component:

containerClass: "pagination-container",
prevButtonClass: "prev-button-class",
nextButtonText: "Next Page"


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